About Palval

The Group has its own initiative, providing practical and flexible solutions for the consumer. We are committed to the cultural and social development of both the human capital that accompanies us, as well as the entire environment in which we operate.


At Palval we are clear that, with a social sense, doing things with excellence and acting honestly, we can be an outstanding contribution in the production process of our consumers. Through the variety of products and services that our different business units offer, innovating in order to be more competitive and to guarantee sustainable


Corporations are currently being encouraged to promote the good actions of all their factors to promote the good ethical values ​​of their employees and thus cooperate in the prevention of corruption inside and outside the companies.



Continue to consolidate ourselves as a solid company that seeks the benefit of the group, its customers, suppliers and the society in which we develop. Maintaining an excellent level of quality is our vision.


Our Brand

At Palval, we focus on one purpose: people are the priority.

For us, humanity is more than finances and shareholders, that is why we focus our synergies to supply products with honesty, respect and responsibility for the planet.