Grupo Palval Enviromental Policy

As a first measure, the Grupo Palval sees itself in the constant initiative to integrate sustainable development criteria, which guarantee the sustainability of the environment in which we operate in all areas, both productive and commercial. In order to provide all the contribution that society expects from us and that is our commitment to offer. For this fact we have raised the following principles that govern us as a pro-environmental company:

  1. It is our commitment to always consider the environment before planning and developing all our activities and those of all those involved in one way or another to the company, we will promote environmental awareness of our staff, suppliers and society in general.
  2. It is a commitment to comply with the requirements required by environmental laws to mitigate and prevent any type of pollution that we may cause. Without prioritizing financial resources over natural resources.
  3. We developed a comprehensive solid waste management plan "PGIRs" for the entire Grupo Palval that allows us to achieve the efficiency of our resources.
  4. We guarantee the dissemination of our environmental policies inside and outside the company in order to establish a joint effort between Palval and all the relevant authorities. Thus improving inside and outside our work environment.

* These principles apply to all companies and work centers of the Grupo Palval, being implemented within the framework of an Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard at the headquarters (Cali), manufacture of plastic packaging (Cali), in the agricultural input production plants (Puerto Tejada and Cali) and distribution centers in general.